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We are a postproduction - online.

Color Correction

We balance your film to make it natural, clean and visually appealing for the eyes of the audiences. We add and remove colors to make it look what you want.

Video Editing

As the name implies, we manipulate and rearrange your video shots to create a new work. From wedding films, music videos, corporate films, short films etc. name it and we will edit it for you.

Color Grading

Want to add some unique style to make your film look special? We can do that. Online grading is where you can upload your film online and we download it in our system. We use the integration of frame.io so you can communicate with the grader and we post previews/versions as well to keep you updated with the project.

Motion Graphics

Tired of plain and simple graphic material? We can animate your designs or create our own design for you to animate that creates the illusion of motion. We can also combine it with audio if you desire.

Remote Grading

Remote grading allows creative shops around the world to work interactively with top talent from across the globe, two matching DaVinci resolve systems with identical material are synchronized over the internet connection any creative decisions made on the colorist's system are immediately sent across and applied on the client's DaVinci resolve and it all happens in real time.

Graphic Design

We incorporate text and pictures to make it into a captivating graphic design. Designs that will make your brochures, posters, logos, advertisement etc look amazing. It can be digital or print. No matter what it is, we will do it for you.